South Africa Exsequi Executive Freemasons Lodge No.: 8994 in Johannesburg

Toast to you our Visitor in 2019

A Toast to all our differences
A Toast to common ground
A Toast to what we’re seeking
A Toast to what we’ve found
To what brings us together
To what sets us apart
A Toast to many different souls
United with one heart.

To our visitor hurrah!

Exsequi Lodge is a modern executive lodge which meets at Park Lane in Johannesburg. If you feel that you can help your fellow humans by providing your time and resources to help. Our members consist of business executives in Johannesburg in the Gauteng region of South Africa and meet on the fourth Monday of February (Election Meeting), May (Installation Meeting), June, August, October and November. Exsequi is a Freemasons Dining Lodge and masonic guests are most welcome. We also meet on the first Friday each month for lunch where non masons are welcome to attend socially to get to know more about us.

Please sign the Visitors Guestbook your message is read out in open Lodge. We look forward to hearing from you! guestbook

While Freemasonry is the largest and best known fraternal organisation the world has ever seen, it is without a doubt the least understood. It is hoped that this web site will help to make people have a better understanding of the organisation and in particular its activities in South Africa. For non-Masons we hope this site opens our doors allowing you to appreciate the place of Freemasonry in society, whether you just want to find out more about Freemasons and what we do in our local communities or whether you really have an interest in discovering what membership means and are considering joining. For Freemasons we hope you find this site a tremendous source of information to help you on your on-going journey within the Fraternity. Read more of the principles of Freemasonry