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To the Entered Apprentice

The treasure you’ll encounter doesn’t lie at journey’s end
Though you start in total darkness, into light you will ascend
The wealth of all you’ll gain is with the price you have to pay
You will find all that you seek and more somewhere along the way
So onward, upward, candidate, be all that you can be.
Brethren, stand and toast his journey in Freemasonry

Visitor’s Response

Bro. Toastmaster and brethren; This evening I find myself a welcome visitor in your lodge. We are all visitors on this sublunary abode and as the humble representative of those who are now visiting your small part of it, I thank you for your welcome and for the pleasure of your company.



Let us join in thought and make this a moment to be dedicated in tender, loving reflection to out absent Brethern. If there are any who may be suffering, they will know they are included with all our kindest wishes for their speedy and complete recovery. If any should be lonely or with strangers they will feel at this moment they are with their own Brethren. If any are suffering the pangs of bereavement, they will know they have our united sympathy. Thus may Brotherly love continue.

Toast to the new masonic Initiate

Toast to the Initiate – This is one of the most important Masonic toasts, welcoming and celebrating the entrance of a new member into Masonry and is often given by a senior Lodge member. Some Lodges have a tradition that the initiate’s proposer delivers it. It is sometimes followed by the ‘Entered Apprentice’s Song’ which will be remembered by the Initiate for the rest of his life.

Another visitors toast

The toast is in the form of a poem called. “The Toast to the Vistors.”

Tonight I have the pleasure
To all I must confess
To give to you this toast
To our Visitors and our Guests