Exsequi Executive Officers of the Lodge

WM Daniel Mahoney
SW Kobus van Zyl
JW Marc Humphries
Chaplain James Fairbrass
Treasurer Richard Moore 
Secretary Patrick O’Conner Hunter
Assistant Secretary/Webmaster Gordon Barker
Director of Ceremonies Glenn Rae
Asst DC Gerhard Hayes
Almoner Guy Rae
Charity Steward Daniel Mahoney
Lodge Mentor Richard Moore
Senior Deacon Robbie Thompson
Junior Deacon Gideon Botes
Inner Guard Pierre du Raan
Stewards Chase Evans, Rhet Evans and Francois Retief
Tyler Frans Visagie

Exsequi Executives of the Lodge

WBro David Lewis Founder WBro Warren Flynn Init 2009
WBro Steve Mills Founder Bro Graham Kerr-Phillips Init 2009
WBro Richard Moore Founder Bro Premlin Pillay Init2009
WBro Ludi de Klerk Init 1986 Bro Daniel Mahoney Init2010
WBro Mike Dyer Join1987 Bro Chase Evans Init2010
WBro Neil Ewing Init 1989 Bro Victor Scheepers Init 2010
WBro Ashleigh Young Init 1991 WBro James Fairbrass Join 2010
WBro Gordon Barker Join1992 Bro Marc Humphries Init 2010
WBro David Hoddinott Init 1992 Bro Michael Burrill Init 2011
Bro Anthony Adendorff Init 2001 Bro Kobus van Zyl Init 2011
Bro Naim Sabra Init 2001 Bro Patrick O’Conner Hunter Init2011
WBro Glenn Rae Init 2002 Bro Bert Swart Initi2012
WBro Christian Heili Join2005 Bro Shane Anthony Initi2012
Bro Kavi Beesoon Init 2005 Bro Robbie Thompson Init2012
WBro Etienne Malan Init 2005 Bro Monty Swanepoel Init2012
WBro Guy Rae Init 2006 Bro Gideon Botes Init2012
Bro Donovan Chimhandamba Init 2007 WBro Dean Moore Join2012
Bro Damian Thomas Init 2008 Bro Gerhard Hayes Init2012
Bro Lennert Nel Init 2008 Bro Wilhelm Greyling Init2012
Bro Leonard van der Merwe Init 2008 Bro Christo Coertze Init2013
WBro Henry Martin Init 2009


Fraternity exists between the English, Irish, Scottish and South African Constitutions and with Eendracht Maakt Macht 88 Lodge working under the GE of the Netherlands. Interchange visiting by members and Lodges under the jurisdiction of the aforegoing Constitutions is welcomed. Brethren are reminded that it is part of their duty as members of the English constitution not to associate Masonically with members of unrecognised constitutions, and should such a situation occur, they should tactfully withdraw, even though their visit may have been formally arranged. Brethren wishing to visit Lodges under different Grand Lodges overseas should first contact the Secretary who can advise on those recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.