Let us join in thought and make this a moment to be dedicated in tender, loving reflection to out absent Brethern. If there are any who may be suffering, they will know they are included with all our kindest wishes for their speedy and complete recovery. If any should be lonely or with strangers they will feel at this moment they are with their own Brethren. If any are suffering the pangs of bereavement, they will know they have our united sympathy. Thus may Brotherly love continue.

Architect in thy great mercy
Hear our evening Prayer
Keep our Brethren who are absent
“Neath thy care.

When in sorrow, when in danger
When in loneliness;
In Thy love look down & comfort
Their distress.

Thou who are Supreme in Power
Over land and sea
Bless them, save them, guide them, keep them
Near to thee

So mote it be.