South Africa Lodges in the District

A list of Freemason Lodges in South Africa North

Freemasons Lodges

Lodge NameAddressAreaSummaryRegion
Acacia P.O. Box 12554 Benoryn Acacia Lodge stemmed from the growing strength of its mother lodge, Boksburg No 2480. It met in its own premises in Boksburg North and generally made steady progress over the years. Its members have included many brethren who have served the Lodge and Dis Boksburg
Alchemy P.O. Box 3490 Rivonia The lodge was formed to foster closer and fraternal ties between pharmacists who are freemasons. The name reflects the connection between the ancient 'science' of alchemy, the forerunner of chemistry and the modem art of pharmacy. The Consecrating Chapla Johannesburg
Amity P.O. Box 17707 Norkem Park To quote from its brief 'history', Amity Lodge was formed for a specific purpose 'by a group of Past Masters from various lodges who had come together and decided that they wished to meet as a dining lodge. It was not intended that candidates should be in Johannesburg
Apollo P.O. Box 213 Fontainebleau The Lodge Apollo was the last lodge to be consecrated in the Transvaal before that province became part of the Union of South Africa on I July 1910. 'Lodge' preceded 'Apollo' in the name to distinguish the Lodge from many others called Apollo.nnThe Lodge Johannesburg
Arcadia 42 Johannes Street Kilner Park There was a general expansion of Freemasonry throughout the District after the Second World War, and although a new lodge (Pretoria No 6017) had been consecrated in 1945, its growth was seen as justifying the sponsoring of another lodge within seven years Pretoria
Astrea P.O. Box 413 Waterval Boven The railway to Delagoa Bay was a very important link with Lourenco Marques (now Maputo) in the early years of the 20th century, with the repair and maintenance depot at Waterval Boven contributing to the development of that town as a key centre on the rou Waterval Boven
Aviation P.O. Box 28346 Kensington The reason for forming this lodge was well expressed by W Bro George Hookham in the oration given at he Consecration: 'The founders of this new lodge are those who are experts at keeping machines heavier than air right up above the clouds. However, they m Johannesburg
Baden Powell P.O. Box 2186 Northcliff As the name of the lodge suggests it was formed to attract members and former members of the scouting movement. Although the founder of the movement was not a Freemason, permission was obtained to use his name, which was especially appropriate in view of Johannesburg
Barberton P.O. Box 40002 The Village The scene is set in the history submitted:nn'On 24 June 1898 Barberton Lodge was consecrated, fourteen years to the day after the town of Barberton was christened, appropriately enough by breaking a bottle of 'squareface' gin over the Umvoti gold reef. Fa Barberton
Belfast P.O. Box 1571 Middelburg Belfast, named after the home town of its founder, a Mr O'Brien, is the centre of an important farming area. Most of the founders came from the sponsoring Lodge, Astrea, which at that time met in Machadodorp and the lack of reliable transport made attenda Belfast