South Africa Lodges in the District

A list of Freemason Lodges in South Africa North

Freemasons Lodges

Lodge NameAddressAreaSummaryRegion
Vereeniging Peace P.O. Box 24 Vereeniging The peace negotiations which, in 1902, ended the South African war took place in Vereeniging and the political reconstruction which followed concluded with the coming into force of the Union of South Africa Act on 31 May 19 10. So the new Lodge could be s Vereeniging
Vernon 137 12th Street Parkhurst Vernon Lodge was the last to be consecrated in the Transvaal prior to the outbreak of the South African War. Its first minute book has been lost but the District year book for 1899 indicates that the lodge operated under a provisional charter pending the Johannesburg
Verona P.O. Box 56389 Pinegowrie Over the years Corona and Vernon Lodges had developed a very close association and the idea of forming a daughter lodge had come up more than once. The deciding factor, eventually, was not just that the two lodges were at full strength, but that the avera Johannesburg
Victory P.O. Box 76 Brakpan Victory Lodge was the first to be consecrated in the Transvaal after the 1914/8 war, which makes its name especially appropriate. The lodge met in the masonic hall owned by the local Scottish lodge, which probably accounts for the brethren wearing their a Brakpan
Vrede P.O. Box 1304 Edenvale A predecessor lodge, of the same name, was constituted under the Netherlandic Constitution in the 19th century. It went into recess during the South African war, was revived in 1905 but still did not flourish and in 1914, resolved to surrender its warrant Rewlatch
Waldie Peirson P.O. Box 22 Lothair Breyten was founded, as a farming community, in 1906, and by 1925 there were enough masons in the area to justify constituting a lodge. Concordia Lodge, Ermelo was the sponsoring lodge, and the new lodge was named after the third District Grand Master of Breyten
White River P.O. Box 1310 White River RW Bro Fairbrass's retirement as District Grand Master in 1950 was linked with his personal retirement to live in White River. But one thing was missing, namely a convenient 'English' lodge, the nearest was in Barberton and the linking roads were not tarr White River
Witwatersrand P.O. Box 839 Saxonwold The first effort to form an Installed Masters' lodge in the District came in 1914, when a petition for such a lodge was signed by 36 Past Masters (including the District Grand Master, his Deputy and many senior brethren.) The primary purpose of the Lodge Johannesburg
Woodlands P.O. Box 52199 Saxonwold After the South African war the boundaries of Johannesburg were extended northward to include the townships of Parktown North and Rosebank. A dense forest of trees, called the Sachsenwald Forest, covered part of the area, so when a group of masons, drawn Johannesburg