South Africa Lodges in the District

A list of Freemason Lodges in South Africa North

Freemasons Lodges

Lodge NameAddressAreaSummaryRegion
Benoni P.O. Box 108 Benoni The first records of the Lodge have been lost but it is clear that the early members were mainly drawn from the gold mines which were well established in the area prior to Benoni being proclaimed a township in 1907.nnThe original masonic hall (of uncerta Benoni
Bethel United P.O. Box 198 Bethal In 1911 one of the members of a former Scottish lodge in Bethal died and was given a masonic funeral. Some of those who attended met later and decided to revive Freemasonry in the town, and having found just the requisite number of seven, applied to Unite Bethal
Bohemian P.O. Box 7097 Albermarle Brewer defines 'Bohemian' as 'a term applied to artists, writers and others of unconventional, loose or irregular habits'. The brethren who petitioned for Bohemian Lodge may have been unconventional, in that they were largely drawn from the entertainment Johannesburg
Boksburg P.O. Box 32 Boksburg One of the twelve lodges constituting the District in 1895. A number of Freemasons gathered in Boksburg in November 1892, and having decided to form a lodge, voted as to whether it should be 'English' or 'Scottish'. The former prevailed by the narrowest o Boksburg
Boksburg St John P.O. Box 16185 Atlasville Towards the end of 1974 the members of Boksburg Lodge No 2480 decided it was time to promote a daughter lodge, and within a few months a warrant had been obtained and Boksburg St John Lodge was consecrated. In his oration the Consecrating Chaplain, W Bro Boksburg
Bramley P.O. Box 50587 Randburg Bramley was formed to meet an identified need for a lodge to serve brethren in the north eastern area of Johannesburg. One of the founders was the District Grand Chaplain, W Bro K G Webster, the rector of St Catherine's Church, and the Church Hall was the Parktown North
Bryanston P.O. Box 67101 Bryanston Bryanston Lodge was formed to bridge the gap between Johannesburg and Pretoria. The founders decided to follow the 'English' tradition of meeting earlier and dining afterwards. The first meeting place was the Methodist Church Hall but then changed to St. St Michaels Church
Civil Service P.O. Box 16134 Atlasville Civil Service Lodge started off by creating a record, that of having 70 petitioners. What is more these all fell within the definition 'Civil and Municipal Servants and Regular Army'. A busy first year saw 49 degrees conferred and by 1908 there were 127 m Johannesburg
Clarendon P.O. Box 878 Fontainebleau In 1947, W Bro J H Vivian, then President of the Board of General Purposes, was charged to seek a site for headquarters for the District 'north of the railway line' and he reported, within three months, the acquisition of 'a magnificent plot in the salubr Johannesburg
Clifton P.O. Box 2748 Johannesburg In 1894 there was a move to rename the area known as New Braamfontein. The name chosen by the Ratepayers' Association was Clifton, but although it came into some popular use, it was never formally registered. However, the new lodge chose it, and its first Johannesburg