South Africa Lodges in the District

A list of Freemason Lodges in South Africa North

Freemasons Lodges

Lodge NameAddressAreaSummaryRegion
Edenvale P.O. Box 678 Edenvale Edenvale, in the 'fifties', was a fast growing suburb of Johannesburg and a strong demand arose for a 'local' lodge, leading eventually to over 40 brethren expressing interest. After some debate it was decided to 'go English', and the new lodge was sponso Norwood
El Dorado P.O. Box 71 Zeerust One of the twelve lodges constituting the District in 1895. The El Dorado Lodge had been planned to meet at Malmani (now Ottoshoop), the centre of one of the early, but short lived gold strikes: hence the name. The warrant was dated 1889 but the designate Zeerust
Emrys P.O. Box 5567 Johannesburg The Charter Master, W Bro J Emrys Evans was the financial adviser to the British Government in the Transvaal after the South African war, and was awarded the CMG for his services. His masonic standing was that of President of the Board of General Purposes Johannesburg
Emulation, The Lodge of P.O. Box 12420 Benoryn In the middle of the 1970's candidates for freemasonry were coming forward in good numbers in Benoni, and in addition there were a number of unattached brethren seeking a masonic home. However, it was felt that any new lodge should have a distinctive cha Benoni
Exsequi P.O. Box 46248 Orange Grove The Lodge was formed to provide a masonic home for business managers, in particular members of the South African Institute of Management. While membership of that Institute was a condition of Founder membership it is no longer a pre-requisite for becoming Johannesburg
Fairview P.O. Box 1934 Alberton The founders were a group of businessmen who lived or worked in the Johannesburg suburb of Fairview, adjoining Kensington. The emblem on the banner, a crown superimposed on a Union Jack, supported by a lion and a stag, suggests a strong British connection Johannesburg
Fidelity P.O. Box 19 Volksrust Volksrust, near the Natal border, was established in 1885 and with the development of the gold fields in the Transvaal, became a 'halfway house' between Natal and its northern neighbour. Settlers in the town included a few Freemasons and eventually eight Volksrust
First Pride P.O. Box 782580 Sandton The International Association of Lion Clubs is a worldwide network of clubs dedicated to the service of humanity in general and to the underprivileged in particular, coupled with a sense of loyalty to their country and to their civic duties.nnBy its very Johannesburg
Flame Lily P.O. Box 1855 Cresta In 1973 an officer from the District of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, W Bro Bertram Keene, then living in Johannesburg, approached all other expatriates from that District residing in the Transvaal to invite their help in forming a lodge which would provide a hom Johannesburg
Fordsburg P.O. Box 1304 Edenvale Fordsburg Lodge was formed to cater for the needs of English freemasons living between west Johannesburg and Roodepoort. The nearby Crown Mine was then fully active and Fordsburg drew many of its early candidates from the mine staff and those making their Fordsburg